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Please select a time that suits you and follow the booking process of adding your details. See below for FAQ on how to make a booking, change or cancel your booking once it has been confirmed.

How much is a Covid-19 vaccine?

Free, both doses of the Covid-19 vaccine are free for all New Zealanders.

Who can get the Covid-19 vaccine now

  • We will book you a follow up appointment with Franklin’s pharmacy when you come in to get your first vaccination
  • Government guidelines states to wait 6 weeks between your first and second vaccine appointment
  • When attending your second vaccine appointment, please remember to bring your vaccine card
  • Your vaccine card will be given to you at your first appointment

Why getting vaccinated is important

Getting a COVID-19 vaccine is an important step you can take to protect yourself and your family from the effects of the virus. It’s one way we can fight the COVID-19 pandemic and protect the welfare and wellbeing of our communities.

By having the vaccine you’ll be playing your part to protect Aotearoa. The free COVID-19 vaccine will help protect the team of five million, and safeguard Aotearoa. It will save lives.

Gaps between different vaccinations

If you’re also getting a flu or measles vaccine, you’ll need to wait at least:

  • 2 weeks between the COVID-19 vaccine and influenza (flu) vaccine
  • 4 weeks between the COVID-19 vaccine and the Measles, Mumps and Rubella (MMR) vaccine (if you get the MMR vaccine first)
  • 2 weeks between the COVID-19 vaccine and the Measles, Mumps and Rubella (MMR) vaccine (if you get the COVID-19 vaccine first)

Vaccine Faqs

Common side effects like all medicines, you might experience some mild side effects 1—2 days after getting your vaccination.

This is common, and a sign that your body is learning to fight the virus. They don’t last long and won’t stop you from having a second dose or going about your daily life.

The most common reported reactions are:

  • pain at the injection site
  • a headache
  • feeling tired or fatigued.

You may also experience muscle aches, feeling generally unwell, chills, fever, joint pain and nausea. These are more commonly reported after the second dose.

Some side effects may temporarily affect your ability to drive or use machinery.

For more information, head to

You should discuss your individual situation (particularly if you have other medical conditions) and the benefits and risks of receiving the COVID-19 vaccine while pregnant with your midwife or doctor.

If you are pregnant and choose to have the vaccine, you can get early access. This is because people who are pregnant can become very sick if they get COVID-19. It doesn’t matter which stage of pregnancy you’re in.

You can get the COVID-19 vaccine while breastfeeding.

Information from

If you’re unwell on the day of your vaccination or have a fever over 38°C it’s important to delay your COVID-19 vaccine until you’re feeling better. If you’re taking antibiotics, you can get the COVID-19 vaccine as long as you’re not feeling significantly unwell from your infection. You may want to talk this through with your doctor.

Booking Faqs

Follow our ‘book now’ link and select a date and time that suits you for your vaccination. Enter your details name, email, phone number. Or call 09 425 8014.

From your confirmation email, you will be able to follow the link to change or cancel your appointment. If you are unable to do this, get in contact with Franklin Pharmacy and the pharmacy staff can reschedule or cancel our appointment over the phone. Rescheduling is subject to booking availability.

If you miss your appointment, get in contact with Franklin Pharmacy to let them know to cancel or reschedule. If you are aware that you can’t make your appointment, you can reschedule through the link in your confirmation email.

10 minutes with an observation time of 15 minutes. Please arrive 5 minutes before your appointment, the vaccination team will see you as soon as we can – thank you for your patience!

When you arrive, you will be assessed if you are unwell or not and you will need to fill out a consent form.

A pharmacist vaccinator will discuss your pre vaccination screening and consent form. The immunisation service will be provided in a vaccination area by trained pharmacist vaccinator. You will be required to stay within the pharmacy for a further 15 minutes observation to monitor the unlikely event of an adverse reaction to the vaccine.


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